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I´m Sofie Marin, founder of Arts Dynamics and From Sweden Productions, with more than 27+ years in various leadership positions within the cultural and creative industries in Sweden and abroad. I help creative freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs within music, arts and culture digitise, market, grow and scale their creative impact with ease and flow. Is this something you would like help with? If so, get in touch and let´s see what we can do to help you stand out, scale up and build an online brand and business on your own terms.

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Start: You

Book individual coaching to gain clarity and direction with a clear map and compass to go from where you are to where you want to see yourself in the next 3-12 months. 

Grow: + Community

If you would love to connect with like minded people and have access to weekly group coaching, online training and much more then join the Arts Dynamics Accelerator Membership.

Scale: Pay it Forward

If you represent an organisation and would like for me to come and do a workshop, seminar or course then get in touch here to find out more.  

Creativity, tech and innovation for impact. Future proof yourself and your company.

Double your impact

Make the most of your marketing with the least amount of time. Strategy, lead generation, defining your ideal customer and mapping out your customer pathway. 

Learn how to create scalable offers, products and services where you can sell 24/7, 365 days all year round. Comes with advice on what platforms to use and best practices.

Get inside tips on what systems and processes to use, to help you stay organised and have a structure. 

"I would truly recommend Sofie as an professional and inspiring lecturer. We had the privilege to meet and listen to her on our business trip to London with women entrepreneurs in May, 2014. Sofie got the highest ranking of all activites/lectures on our trip, and we would like to welcome her to visit us in Västerbotten in order to inspire more women in our region. Thank you again Sofie, we are looking forward to hopefully working with you in the near future!"

Linda Marklund
Linda Marklund

"I can strongly recommend Sofie for those who need a senior level business and communications strategist who focuses on creating real results."

Aslak de Silva
CEO, Nordic Business Forum

"I have worked with Sofie and her company for two years and the results have been outstanding. She is professional, gives full dedication, understands your requirements, delivers at very high standard and is a wonderful person to work with. What more could you ask for? I strongly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Sofie."

Kerry Low
Embassy Group - Networking for Diplomats

"Working with From Sweden Productions is nothing short of Pure Excellence. Their knowledge of PR and Social Media is second to none and has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for me as an artist and for my business. Sofie has an endless well of positive energy and focus and leaves no page unturned. She always has the time and patience to deal with anything I throw at her and then some!! To work with From Sweden is the best decision I’ve made in my 25 years as an artist. I only wish I’d met her sooner!"

Fred Johansson
Musical Theatre Artist, Producer

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