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I often get asked which digital tools I would recommend for creatives who are looking to build and grow their online presence. Check out resources on this page for my top tips, depending on if your are just starting out or in a phase of scaling your digital impact.



Pinpointing where you are at right now, identifying where you want to be with a clear plan to get there - I help individuals and organisations with strategic business development, online marketing and sales to help you stand out, scale up and make a bigger impact through your work.

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I founded Arts Dynamics to teach arts entrepreneurship and build a community around that with peer-to-peer learning, networking and growth. Join our Meetups and Accelerator Programme for extra support in a group setting.

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Hi, IĀ“m Sofie

I am the founder and CEO of Arts Dynamics, an Arts Entrepreneurship Education platform and learning community passionate about empowering creative professionals with the very latest strategies, tools and connections needed to survive and thrive in a turbulent world. We do this through a membership programme, meetups and events. In addition to this I also offer individual coaching and mentoring, speaking and training as well as participate in panels, roundtable talks and facilitate conferences and events as a moderator and host. Are you looking for support? Get in touch andĀ tell me more about you and what youĀ“ve got coming up that I might be able to support you with.Ā 

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