1:1 Coaching

Get the personalised support you need to package, market and sell your artistic products and services from idea to launch. I will help you bring clarity and direction, renew your focus and give you a structure with a framework to free up more time for your creative work. 


Ready to level up your artistic business game?  

You have come to the right place. During 12 laser focussed online sessions you will receive help with 90 day focus plan where you get to level up you marketing, lead generation and sales with a clear map and compass, structure and accountability to get things done. 🎯


"Before I started working with Sofie, I felt anxious and insecure about my branding, social media, and interview ability - just about everything surrounding communication and marketing. As confident and passionate as I am around my music, I didn’t know how to communicate that adequately enough (for my admittedly perfectionist and high standards!). I wasn’t sure what was working, and what wasn’t, I was doing my best - in the dark.

Sofie helped to demystify communication and marketing. She helped me to develop good sustainable strategies in line with my values and personality. She not only helped me define the big picture, but also see the path to get there. She also was able to say ’this thing you already are doing is working very well for you, keep it up!’ And she can also give the most constructive criticism, like ’this is OK, but that’s not good enough - it can be great!’ And we work on it together.

First and foremost, Sofie cares. She truly believes in my work, and sys wouldn’t have worked with me otherwise! That has lead to trust, with trust I can work hard and forge ahead with a great coach in my corner. Sofie is a natural teacher, and has a clear and pedagogical approach that I believe can work for a wide variety of personalities.

I had the opportunity to take three free sessions with Sofie. Already after one or two, I had made so much progress that I felt I needed to continue. The year that we have worked together has been the most successful to date both artistically and professionally, and I believe Sofie’s help has had a big part in that. In three years, I can’t wait to look back on what has happened as a result of the lessons learned from our collaboration."
- Matthew Peterson, Composer

My turnover has increased

"Having Sofie as a coach in business is a very good investment for yourself. I have received an incredible number of good and concrete tips regarding goal setting, pricing and marketing. Sofie shares templates to concretize and make your work easier and clearer. Since coaching from Sofie, my turnover has increased. Based on tips from Sofie, I have gained a clearer structure of my business, which has generated better profitability. I now do monthly follow-ups that are easy to read and measure. Sofie is a source of inspiration with very good knowledge in business, while at the same time she spreads joy around her. So grateful for my meeting with Sofie!"
- Marie Lundin, Mimmi Textil

Strengthened my identity as an artist

"Through both the membership and individual coaching with Sofie, I have received help in developing my marketing so that in the long term I can strengthen my personal brand in an increasingly noisy media landscape. In addition to this, I have been able to raise my prices and increase the number of incoming assignments. All this based on my music, which meant that I also strengthened my identity as an artist. I would absolutely recommend Sofie to other artists looking to achieve similar results!"
- Anders Forslund, Composer



+ VAT subject to country

  • 12 x 60 mins coaching sessions
  • 90 day Action Plan
  • 90 Day Social Media Planner Template
  • You will gain help to:
  • - Define your offer
  • - Define your target audience
  • - Build your online brand
  • - Set up your online presence
  • - Receive advice on the best online tools and tactics to build a thriving artistic business and brand online



+ VAT where applicable Most Popular

  • Same as Launch with additional services
  • + Accelerator Programme with weekly group coaching, 12 months
  • + Access to online training library inside the Accelerator programme


$ Bespoke

+ VAT where applicable

  • For larger teams and organisations
  • Annual coaching, premium programme